Small Business Owners are the Best their line of work.

In fact, the majority of America’s small businesses are owned and operated by an Above-Average Joe, an expert in THEIR trade but has never learned the ins and outs of marketing affordably.

Hour51 is no different, except that our expertise in business management and marketing is invaluable to other small business owners, from landscapers to crafters.

My name is Amanda and I’m a small-town marketing and small business consulting professional with a passion for ambition, and a knack for writing, strategy formulation, and effective goal setting.  I’ve escaped the city and large corporations with some knowledge up my sleeve.

With 10 years of experience in public relations, graphic design, marketing and business administration, you can count on me to advise, assist.. vent… or whatever else you need to keep your business growing.

  • Website Development and Graphic Design

  • Marketing Strategy Development

  • Search Engine Optimization and Content Writing


Outside of assisting other business owners in realizing their dreams, I spend time with my three kids, bake epic pies, restore cars, and binge watch Netflix Originals.

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