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Social Media Management

Social Media Management

Be the Talk of the Town

Dive into the social scene with confidence. We’ll craft content that doesn’t just echo but resonates, turning followers into fervent fans.


We thought of some questions you might have, so we went ahead and answered them for you.

In our digital era, social platforms are where conversations happen. Effective social media management helps you engage, build trust, and boost your brand visibility. However, not every business will benefit the same way from Social Media. You can trust us to be truthful if it's not worth your time or money.

It depends on your target audience and industry. We'll evaluate the landscape and pinpoint the platforms that'll deliver the biggest impact.
Quality trumps quantity (except on Twitter, or X, or whatever you want to call it). We'll establish a consistent posting schedule tailored to your business, ensuring each post has purpose and punch.
Absolutely! It's your platform. We're here to complement your voice, not replace it.
From follower growth and engagement rates to click-throughs and conversions, we'll provide metrics that matter, painting a clear picture of progress.
We can! Engaging with comments, queries, and even managing reviews can be part of our service, always reflecting your brand's tone and values.
We’re equipped to handle hiccups, addressing concerns promptly and professionally, always with your reputation at the forefront.
Yes, from crafting compelling ad content to targeting the right demographics, we can amplify your reach with paid campaigns. Have you checked out our pricing packages? We'll allocate some of your monthly subscriptions plan towards ads if that's what makes the most sense. The plan cost IS your marketing & advertisement cost. 
We invest time understanding your brand, ensuring every post, reply, and interaction feels authentic and aligned with your identity.
As flexible as they need to be! The digital landscape is ever-changing. We'll adapt strategies on-the-go to ensure optimal results.
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You Really Don't Have Time For This

Social media only works if you work it. The algorithms are designed to hurt the people who aren't glued to it. Consistency = results. 

Comprehensive Packages

Pricing Packages

Our packages are designed to be an alternative to expensive and inexperienced in-house marketing staff. It's like having a part-time or full-time marketing director on staff who doesn't have any experience limitations. We do it all, and if we haven't before, we'll find out how. You just have to take care of your customers.

Need to downgrade during the slow season? No problem. Need to pause for a month? That's okay too. No crazy contracts locking you into an expensive bill. Complete flexibility and transparency of how your dollars are spent.

Steady & Essential


Perfect for budding businesses, this package offers core marketing essentials to set you on the right path. No frills, just results.
Sky's Not the Limit


For those ready to dominate, this package offers a dedicated approach to business inside and out, ensuring you soar above competitors.

Need One-Time or À la carte Marketing Help?

Let us know what you need help with. We'll make you a fair quote.

Why should you choose Hour51?

Unlike larger marketing companies, we can offer a distinctly personal touch to our work. We also have a shared passion across multiple disciplines including but not limited to mechanical, agricultural, contracting, interior design, and hair styling. This way you know we understand your needs exactly.

What is the 51st hour?

It’s a familiar point where a business owner is putting in over 50 hours a week at their business just trying to balance the workload between their craft and administrative tasks.

Being intimately familiar with this concept, we at Hour51 would like to extend a helping hand. Let us help take some of the load off to enable you to focus on what you do best.